Opening 07.05.2022

The Epic Bikepark Leogang

The Epic Bikepark Leogang is one of the most renowned bike parks in Europe. There is plenty to look forward to, as Saalfelden Leogang and the Bikepark Leogang have invested a total of more than one million Euros in the past two years and have thus considerably expanded the bike facilities. In 2020, the Riders Playground, a 10,000 m² practice area, was expanded with numerous new attractions. The Hot Shots fired by GoPro was converted into a massive jumpline and the 5,000 m² asphalt World Champs Pumptrack with jump and dirtline has become an actual "get together" venue with a real fun factor. 



We will see us at 07/05/2022 at the Bikepark Leogang ;-) 

Trail report Bikepark Lines & Trails


Trail report Riders Playground

Trail report Single Trails

LE 10
LE 13
LE 14
LE 15

© Klemens König

Steinberg Line by FOX

Flow Line for all skill levels Starting from the Steinberg lift top station, the line meanders through the forest towards the Steinberg lift base station,...
Level of difficulty: Easy

Hangman I

Technical and challenging With roots, rocks, north shores, tight turns, optional drops and boner-logs. The line with the characteristics of a single trail...
Level of difficulty: Intermediate

HOT SHOTS fired by GoPro

Pro – Jump Line who love airtime With a width of about 2,5 meters, the track winds from the Asitz lift top station through the forest, with tables, rollers...
Level of difficulty: Difficult

Antonius Trail

Technical skills required After a few meters of the turn-off to the Flow Link this natural, narrow single trail starts and meanders through some forest...
Level of difficulty: Difficult

Flow Link

Cool freeride line Snakes through the forest towards the mid station of the Asitz. The Flow Link gives you the freedom of choice – airtime or stay on the...
Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Hangman II

Fun for all A wide track, with successive berms and tables that flow, and which has also much to offer for advanced riders. Ideal for improving your technique.
Level of difficulty: Easy
© Klemens König

Flying Gangster

For advanced and pros With wallrides, berms, tables and optional takeoffs and drops from 0.5 to 5 m. The line runs parallel to the Speedster.
Level of difficulty: Intermediate


The UCI World Championship and World Cup course is the most demanding line in terms of riding technique – a combination of steep and technically...
Level of difficulty: Difficult

Steinberg Link

Curves for all! Full of curves and berms. From Hangman II over a generous northshore section down to the Steinberg lift base station. Fun for everyone!
Level of difficulty: Easy

Vali‘s Hölle

Epic new downhill line Built for the 2020 World Championships and this year open for all skilled downhill riders. It is named after our local hero Valentina...
Level of difficulty: Difficult

Bongo Bongo

Solid line selection and technique required The challenging line branches off halfway up the Flying Gangster and runs almost entirely through the forest....
Level of difficulty: Difficult

Greenhorn Line

The 800 m freeride line is ideal for feeling the first ride. A varied mix of rollers, berms and tables. Once you are able to ride down this...
Level of difficulty: Easy

Maxxis Line

Whip it! A wide and very generously built freeride line with a hip jump. As an add on we have created some optional jumps over the Maxxis bridge.
Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Lumberjack Line

Be creative! Perfect drops from 0,5 to 3m, a nice alignment and a wallride as big as a cinema screen. Tip: Get your own Bikemovie here! You can watch your...
Level of difficulty: Difficult

Maxi Jump Line

A colorful mix of tables, drops & tight radii, where the newly'learned can be put to the test.
Level of difficulty: Easy

Voltage Line

An easy line with successive berms, without further obstacles. Here you can test your cornering techniques.
Level of difficulty:

Contessa Line

Short berms that follow each other quickly, increase responsiveness and help to perfect the flow and cornering.
Level of difficulty: Easy

Rookie Line

The line with 2 small wallrides, tables, doubles, rollers and berms is the ideal preperation for the rest of the Freeride Lines.
Level of difficulty:

Mini Speedster

This line in the Riders Playground is for everyone who wants to sniff some downhill air.
Level of difficulty: Easy

Mini Shred Line

The 1 m wide circuit is designed especially for the youngest riders and for beginners.
Level of difficulty:

Riederfeldlift (lift)

Equipped with t-bolts, the 500 meter long lift covers a difference in altitude of 75 meters. A new 800 meter long, easy freeride line next to the valley...
Level of difficulty:

Magic carpet (Lift)

From summer 2020 there will be a new, magic carpet in the Riders Playground, which will take you to the 2 new lines as well as to the pumptrack. 
Level of difficulty:

GoPro Bag Jump

Fly high - land soft! The GoPro Bagjump is an air cushion that softens your fall. It’s the perfect place for intermediate and advanced riders to learn new...
Level of difficulty:
© Klemens König

World Champs Pumptrack - Jump & Dirt Line

The 5.000 m² asphalted Velosolutions Pumptrack at the base station of the Asitz lift offers with its Jump & Dirt Line a huge playground for all pumptrack...
Level of difficulty:


Cross Country | © Moritz Ablinger

Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup

Don't miss it, when the Cross Country athletes fight for the top positions on the new track at Bikepark Leogang and the world's best downhillers...
10. June - 12. June 2022
Bike Festival

BIKE Festival Saalfelden Leogang

Visitors can once again look forward to a large bike fair with numerous exhibitors from the scene and their bike innovations for 2023. Furthermore,...
16. September - 18. September 2022

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