Beginners im Bikepark Leogang | © Klemens König

Trails for beginners at Bikepark Leogang

The perfect way to get started with bike sport at Bikepark Leogang is the Riders Playground. This is Europe’s largest bike park for beginners and features entertaining beginner courses such as the Mini Shred Line and the 800 metre long Greenhorn Trail. Riders who choose to take the Asitz- or Steinberg lift will be greeted by ideal trails for beginners.

NEW: Maaxis Line

A colorful mix of tables, drops & tight radii, where the newly learned can be put to the test.

NEW: Mini Speedster

The new line in the Riders Playground is for everyone who wants to sniff some downhill air.

Mini Shred Line

The 1 m wide circuit is designed especially for the youngest riders and for beginners.

Voltage Line

Here you can test your cornering technique in the berms. An easy line with successive berms without further obstacles.

Rookie Line

The freeride line has 2 small wallrides, tables, doubles, rollers and berms. The track is the perfect preparation for the other freeride lines.

Pumping Playground

The pump track is equipped with rollers, doubles and berms, it‘s the perfect place to improve control, reaction times and various techniques. Fun for riders of all ages.

Drop Area

Perfect for training as well as learning and improving your drop techniques. The drops are built in different heights - 50 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm, 130 cm, 150 cm.

Contessa Line

Short berms that follow each other quickly, increases responsiveness and helps to perfect the flow and cornering.


The T-bar lift takes you to the start of the Greenhorn Trail. Length: 500 m

Greenhorn Trail

The 800 m freeride trail is ideal for feeling the first flow and improving your own abilities. A varied mix of rollers, berms and tables ensures bike pleasure for young and old.