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Safety and rules of conduct at the Bikepark Leogang

Fair play is important! We therefore ask you to closely adhere to the rules of conduct and safety regulations whilst enjoying the challenges of the bike park. Read/understand rules of conduct in advance! The goal is to prevent and minimise risks for all and to foster a welcoming atmosphere for bikers, hikers and pedestrians.

Safety equipment

To assist in the safe use of our trails and lines in the Bikepark Leogang and the surrounding region, we recommend the following protection.

  1. Full Face Helmet
  2. Safety jacket
  3. Gloves 
  4. Knee protector 
  5. Neckbrace (optional)


Emergency number for bikers: +43 676 88219224

Please save this to your phone and keep it with you at all times.

Note the numbers on the signs of the sections you are riding as this will give an accurate location if an accident occurs.

Rules of conduct

  1. I deposit all rubbish in the bins provided.   
  2. I only use marked paths and roads whilst exercising my sport, heed the mandatory and prohibitory signs and never ride over fields and meadows. I acknowledge that oncoming traffic is possible at all times on the Asitz Bergstrasse (Mountain Rd.) and control my speed accordingly.    
  3. I take inexperienced riders, hikers and walkers into consideration and always grant them right of way.  
  4. I do not use any deer crossings or beaten trails – so as not to scare any animals in the wild.  
  5. I follow the instructions of the Leoganger Bergbahnen staff and the Bikepark team and adhere to regulations for the transport of bikes.   
  6. For children under 10 years, the use of the trails is prohibited (except Riders Playground).  
  7. I practice my sport at my own risk. I am aware that this sport is unusually risky and therefore I have a personal accident insurance and a private indemnity insurance for damage to a third party.    
  8. I am obliged to wear a helmet and proper safety gear.
  9. I report accidents and equipment damage immediately to the Leoganger Bergbahnen staff.   
  10. As a biker, I acknowledge that the Epic Bikepark Leogang and the Leoganger Bergbahnen do not accept any liability for accidents and damaged equipment.   
  11. I will not make any changes to the lines and trails.
  12. Follow the specified direction on the lines and trails.
  13. Stop and stay at specified or clearly visible places on the side of the lines and trails.
  14. In defiance of the rules the lift ticket can be withdrawn!   
  15. The commercial, transport and operating guidelines of the Leoganger Bergbahnen apply.


Safety instructions

  1. No biking on closed lines & trails (signals at the start & finish)!  
  2. Suitable bicycles in Bikepark only. Motorised vehicles are not allowed– the latter would be reported.   
  3. Hikers are not allowed on the Bikepark lines & trails (danger of life)!
  4. They must use the designated hiking paths.  
  5. Drones, alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden on the lines & trails.  
  6. The difficulty of the lines and trails must suit your riding skills.
  7. Every biker must move in control. He/She must adapt his/her speed and manner of riding to his personal ability and to the prevaling conditions of terrain and weather as well as to the density of traffic!  
  8. Child seats and bike trailers are strictly forbidden on the Bikepark trails.
  9. Check the condition of the lines and trails in advance.
  10. Ride only if you are physically and mentally fit.

Keep the Epic Bikepark clean!

* Tear Offs are not allowed.

* TIP: Buy your ticket on a rainy day and you will receive a Roll Off film at the cash desk and a 10% reduction for 100% Roll Off Goggles at Sport Mitterer.

Roll Off instead of Tear Off

Why are you littering?

  • I am a jerk
  • I don’t care about natural areas
  • Mommy still cleans up after me
  • All of the above