Innovations Bike summer 2021

One thing is certain; the bike summer 2021 in the Epic Bikepark Leogang has a lot in stall. In summer 2020 we had some great innovations including the new Hot Shots fired by GoPro, additional lines & trails in the Riders Playground and the merger with Saalbach Hinterglemm and Fieberbrunn to form Austria's largest bike region! With a new downhill line, a cool add-on for the GoPro Bagjump and some exciting modifications, we're going one step further this year. So the bike summer 2021 in the Epic Bikepark Leogang will be awesome.

New downhill line - Vali's Hölle (Hell)

In October 2020 the UCI Mountain Bike Downhill and Cross Country World Championships took place in the Bikepark Leogang for the second time. A new, natural, technically demanding section and the extreme weather conditions made it to one of the most challenging races ever and went down in the history books. This summer the new section of the Downhill line will be opened for you to Shred

Simply turn left before the 100% wall ride on the Speedster and Flying Gangster into the forest. On this line, Vali Höll local hero and medal hopeful lost her chance for gold at the 2020 World Championships in the Epic Bikepark Leogang. That’s why it’s called VALI´S Hölle (VALI’S Hell).

GoPro Bagjump Landingbag

In 2011 the first GoPro Bagjump replaced our foam pit. Since then, the bag jump has been an integral part of Bikepark Leogang. The GoPro Bagjump will be upgraded in 2021 with a new 15 meter long landing bag adapted to the landing angle, which will ensure even more fun, precision and safety.

Conversion of the Lumberjack Trail (Bikemovie)

In summer 2020, a small rebuild was planned on the Lumberjack Trail (Bikemovie). However during the construction work, the project got bigger and bigger and the result is really impressive. Perfect drops, a fluid line and a wallride the size of a cinema screen! If you want, you can be filmed on track and watch the video directly at the Skiline terminal at the bottom station of the Asitzbahn or online and share it with friends.

Reshape Hangman I + Hangman II + Flow Link

In autumn 2020 the Hangman was reshaped for even more riding fun.

The Hangman II will be reshaped in spring 2021 and will be rebuilt in certain sections. It will be optimized for more flow and with easy jumps making it fun for all skill levels.

In autumn 2020, the Flow Link also got a reshape in which various jumps were optimized. Depending on your line choice, this freeride line is suitable for all skill levels.

News from Hot Shots fired by GoPro

The Hot Shots fired by GoPro was completely rebuilt into a big Jump line in summer 2020. Based on the positive feedback we have received, we dare to say that the improvement was “Epic”. In 2021 we will give the Hot Shots an upgrade. The start will be moved directly to the top station. Making the line approx. 125 m longer, so even more airtime! Please don't forget: the Hot Shots fired by GoPro is for Experts only! We are already looking forward to an epic bike season in 2021!