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PINZGA HATSCHA Stage F (from Leogang to Lofer)

With a route length of 30 km, this tour is the longest of the entire PINZGA HATSCHA circular hiking trail. It is the variant that bypasses the Leoganger Steinberge and goes via the Römersattel to Lofer.

With a length of 30 km, this tour is the longest of the entire circular hiking trail. For the first 8 km you walk along the valley floor and pass farms, pastures and alpine pastures. A highlight here is the Griessener Moor and also "The Roofed Sheep", which is supposed to symbolise the harmony of man and nature/animal. Then you pass the magnesite factory and branch off in Hochfilzen to the biathlon centre in the military training area. It is essential to find out in advance whether the military training area is closed due to shooting exercises. The trail leads through beautiful forests and alpine pastures up to the Römersattel. The trail is halfway and there are no more climbs to contend with. Through the impressive Vorderkaserklamm gorge you reach the Vorderkaser snack station. A little further out of the valley, the Nuturbadeplatz invites you to cool off on hot days. The trail continues along the valley floor via St. Martin to the stage destination in Lofer.

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