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Hiking Trail of Arts

The Hiking Trail of Arts from the top station of the Asitzbahn cable car to the middle station of the Asitzbahn cable car is dedicated to a different theme each year.

The Hiking Trail of Arts will be on display until approximately 29.10.2023, and the trail can still be passed depending on weather and snow conditions.


The 2023 Hiking Trail of Arts, entitled “Folge deiner Natur” (Follow your nature) has been created by Isabella de Lorenzo. In her choice of title she encapsulates the messages she wishes to convey. These are mainly statements to do with an individual’s personality. Love of oneself, authenticity, a focus on the simple and present.  She employs a range of different techniques ranging from acrylic through to pastel, charcoal, and collage. What impresses the artist in particular are personalities from art, culture, design, and sport, and these are depicted in her bold, colourful works. Also present in her pictures as messages for the viewer are formative statements by these personalities. The art association “Freiraum”  Leogang aims to to offer young artists the opportunity of displaying their works and the Hiking Trails of Arts offers a unique environment to do so.

Take the Asitzbahn cable car or the Steinbergbahn cable car to the top station of the Asitz at 1760m. The wonderful Hiking Trail of Arts starts below the top station of the Asitzbahn cable car and leads hikers all the way down to the middle station of the Asitzbahn cable car. On their way, they pass the "Peaceful Waters" and the Park of Senses. Every 30 to 40 m along the trail hikers find pictures of the current year's exhibitor, this year it is Andrea Maria Reisinger, inviting you to take a closer look and make a litte pause. The artworks will be on display from mid of June until mid of October. Each year the trail is dedicated to a new theme. Local and international artisits have the opportunity to exhibit their works along the way. 

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