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Hotel Krallerhof

Rain 6
5771 Leogang

Immerse yourself now.

The Hotel Krallerhof in Leogang in the province of Salzburg is a place of power in the fourth generation of the family, nestled on the slopes of its local mountain Asitz and with a view of the striking Leoganger Steinberge. The house and its offer have always grown organically with its guests and the region, because the family is united and has always been united by the demand for excellence and constant improvement.

Once again, the Krallerhof continues to develop without losing sight of its roots. With the new ATMOSPHERE by Krallerhof project the Altenberger family will lead their guests into new spheres of relaxation. The main role is played by unagitated, clear, sustainable, authentic, tangible, respectful, regenerative luxury.

To underline one's own character with exclusivity and luxury, while opening up space in every room for inspiration: That is our aspiration. No matter whether you have a desire for special colouring, exclusive materials or details yet to be discovered: In this way, every character finds its personal expression and desire. An atmosphere that invites discovery down to the smallest detail.

Let us be there.

Additional Events

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Basic Bike Park

Bike Park workshop for beginners! Our special offer for beginner riders, who want to have fun on two...
09. May 2024 - 01. November 2026

Basic MTB & Enduro

Mountain bike and Trail technique workshop. This half day instruction course covers the finer points of biking such as control and steering...
09. May 2024 - 01. November 2026

Bike Park Erlebnistag

This full day Bike Park workshop, will enhance your skills and enjoyment of biking. Our special offer for intermediate riders.
09. May 2024 - 01. November 2026
_7RA1458 (1)

E-Bike Fahrtechnik Workshop

This 2 hours E-Bike instruction course covers the finer points of biking such as breaking, control and steering techniques, it demonstrates how to...
01. April 2024 - 01. November 2026

Early Bird

For all early risers - the workshop for Bike Park riders!  Our special private hour for special topics to a special price! Start: 08:45 -...
01. May 2024 - 01. November 2026

Flow Bike Park

Bike Park workshop for bikers with experience. Riding skills for intermediate riders! Here you’ll learn all the important tricks and tips to...
09. May 2024 - 01. November 2026
_7RA1922 (2)


The training for all biking Families! For all levels. Get all the important tips to improve your biking...
01. May 2024 - 01. November 2026
Alpaka Trekking in Leogang

Alpaka trekking

The hike incl. lots of information about the alpacas takes about 2 hours (pure walking time about 1.5 hours) and is easy to walk, but with good...
01. January 2023 - 31. December 2026
devid kurve hm1

Bike Park Beginners Days

THE DAY FOR BEGINNERS IN THE BIKE PARK! Control, safety and lots of fun! Here you will learn all the important skills in small groups for better...
09. May 2024 - 01. November 2026

Dirt Jump Session

01. May 2024 - 01. November 2026

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