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    17. September - 24. September 2022
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  • Bike Park Leogang

Ausbildung zum Bike Park Lehrer

raining course to become a bike park teacher. The first downhill and freeride training with an additional focus on bike park methodology and teaching for children and young people. Methodology, training theory, movement theory, teaching theory especially for children's lessons! The training combines sporting, methodological, social, didactic but also organizational and personal aspects. The training to become a bike park teacher is complete with a positive result. The first part (the first 4 days) can be completed independently as an additional tool "Children and Youth Bike Park Teachers" for existing bike guides. Also possible as a training unit for bike park and freeride guides or MTB guides. Training objective: After completing the training, the bike park teacher (D2 trainer ÖRV) is able to give and lead lessons in the bike park and on freeride routes in the tourism sector. He / she is also able to supervise groups in bike parks and to carry out driving technique training. The own driving skills and methodical training guarantee that the teacher leads the group safely and environmentally conscious in the terrain and in the bike park and can impart basic driving knowledge that makes a significant contribution to safety. Due to his / her professional and social competence, he / she can make a significant contribution to the positive experience value of the guests and thus make a significant contribution to the further development of bike park tourism.

Info & registration: https://www.elements-outdoorsports.at/de/ausbildung
Bike Park Leogang
Day of Event
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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